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Are you leaving money on the table? Are you missing a trick? Here are 3 Reasons why you should consider renting your extra space to another business.

Do you have extra space that isn’t being used? Anything from an unused storage room to an extra shelf could be making you money. The opportunities to earn extra revenue through a shop share are vast. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider sharing your space:

1 - Bricks and mortar are still king!

Although online shopping is ever growing in popularity, physical locations still drive the majority of sales. A retail study suggested that as much as 90%* of all retail sales happen at store level, making bricks and mortar spaces invaluable to businesses. It’s not surprising as shopping is still considered a social activity and a pass-time by many. Customers is prefer to try on those pants or test that phone before they make the final leap to purchase. 

2 - Attract a new audience to your space

The internet has given power to new young brands. Social networks and websites like Kickstarter allow those new business to create a strong fanbase, but more often than not the brands still lack the funds to show their offerings in a physical space. This is where landlords have the most to gain. By partnering with new and exciting brands and sharing your space with them you are connecting with a whole new audience and bringing them to your space. There is also the power of strong brand association, if Brand X is an exciting new brand and they are in Space Y, Space Y must be an exciting space. These are huge pluses for any business and with the Fillit pitch system you can choose which is the perfect new business for you to team up with.

3 - Make more money

Make money while you sleep, it's the dream – but it can be a reality. If you have an existing business, sharing the space with a tenant that complements your brand will not only provide an added value for your customers, but it can also drastically decrease operating and staffing costs with split open hours. For example, if you own a bar that operates between 7pm and 2am, it’s easy to share space with a store or café who plan to open between 9am and 6pm. Similarly, if you have a daytime retail outlet, you could earn extra money by renting your space during the evenings for evening events. Take a step into the fast-growing temporary space rental market and create a whole new revenue stream this year. Listing is free with no strings attached, Fillit only charges when your space is rented.

*Retail study by ATKearney, see HERE

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