What Every Business should be doing to set their Product apart from the Competition


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If they all do the same thing, why are some products consistently favoured over others?

The most successful products on the market aren’t necessarily all that unique or different from their competitors in terms of their functionality. For the most part, it all comes down to how a product is presented, and how it comes across to the consumer. 

Use the following guide to discover how you can present your product in a more unique angle and set your business apart from competitors. 

Make your purpose clear: 

Don’t overcomplicate things. You customer should be able to identify exactly what it is they’re looking at when they pick up your product. If a consumer has to spend any time figuring out what exactly your product is/does, they’ll likely seek out a more straightforward alternative. 

Keep the design aspect simple:

Less is more, right? Keeping in line with the previous point, you should also keep the design of your product straightforward. Aim for eye-catching, but not overwhelming. The packaging of your product can be the make or break for its success. Concentrate on using the packaging to be attractive but also clear and informative. 

The same goes for your signage, which is almost as important as the product. Store signage is what will catch a customer’s attention as they walk past your product, therefore you need to ensure that its well designed. Similar to the product design, keep it simple, attractive, and to-the-point. 

Look at your competition:

What are you competitors doing? Take some time to look at all of your competitors in detail. Compare their tactics to your own in an effort to highlight possible opportunities or openings for your own product to advance. What is the competition missing? Is their product unsuitable for a certain demographic? Identify an area where such competition may be falling short, and work to fill in this gap or need with your product. 

Equally, is there anything that you are already providing that nobody else is? Insurance? Home-delivery? Even a discount code for your next purchase? If you’re doing something different, shout it from the rooftops! Let customers know exactly why your product is the best in the market. 

Connect with your customers

How did your company and product come to be? How did your journey shape the products that you’re selling now? Customers love a good backstory and solid message behind a product. It makes them feel more connected to your product and builds trust - two important factors for customer retention and loyalty. It also means that customers will associate your products with something meaningful, making your product much more memorable overall.

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