How Jaguar Gather Meaningful Leads


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“When you don’t expect to see something, and it’s there, it stands out from the crowd”

From a promotion perspective, it’s becoming increasingly important to showcase a product, promoting it in the correct way, and in front of the correct people. Jaguar sought to do exactly this with their latest edition to the Jaguar line up; the E-Pace. 

Jaguar needed a space that would ensure high footfall and lots of eyeballs on their cars.

Using Fillit, Jaguar booked out the Central Mall Space in MacDonagh Junction, Killkenny, and displayed their cars on the premises for a week.

The process was very straightforward, and within a week from there, we had our cars in, on display, in MacDonagh Junction. 

It was very easy for us. We literally drove up the car, parked the car, and [Fillit] took over from there.

Vincent Hogan, Autoboland Waterford

“We’re putting our vehicles into an environment in which you don’t normally see vehicles”

Whether it’s for a brand experiential, car promotion, product launch, or anything in between - Fillit’s vast amount of spaces offer great value and, most importantly; results. 

You can view the mall space in MacDonagh Junction, here

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