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If you want to be seen, you need a great space to be seen in...

Fillit offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their product or service to a wider audience, which is exactly what Doyle’s Garage were looking to do in Tesco Gorey, Wexford.

Doyle’s Garage have been in the motor trade for nearly 100 years, bringing with them a vast amount of experience. Any company in business for that amount of time is always in search of new and engaging ways to promote their product or service. 

They needed a high footfall space in Wexford that would ensure lots of eyeballs on their cars.

Using Fillit, Doyle’s Garage booked out the car space in Tesco Gorey, Wexford, and displayed one of their cars on the premises for a week.

“We find great benefits from having our cars on site [...] Thousands of people every day, every week, see our cars, and that’s invaluable to our business”.

“With Fillit, the process was really easy from start to finish”

“From my companies’ point of view [...] we’re getting such a good reaction, we’re gonna continue with this process throughout the year.”

- Vinny Doyle, Doyle’s Garage

Whether it’s for a brand experiential, car promotion, product launch, or anything in between - Fillit’s vast amount of spaces offer great value and, most importantly; results. 

You can view the car park space in Tesco Gorey, here.

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