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Fillit’s Preferred Spaces

For a limited time, drive more traffic and bookings to your space by claiming your spot in Fillit’s Preferred Spaces program. 

As one of Fillit’s Preferred Spaces, we'll work with you to drive more bookings to your space.

This service is completely free, but only open to a few spaces each month. Ask us today about this opportunity.

What does it mean to be a Fillit Preferred Space?

  • Photo Opportunities - We try to make our Fillit Preferred Spaces look as pretty as possible, so we organise for photographers and videographers to come capture your space in unique ways.
  • Marketing - To drive more eyeballs to your listing, Fillit uses advertisements (primarily on Facebook) to tell a targeted Fillit audience about opportunities in your space.
  • User Suggestions - Our Customer Experience experts will direct users to your space for the month, and highlight it as a featured space.

Capturing the Beauty of your Space

Fillit offers support for monthly featured spaces with unique photography and design packages. Have you seen one of our 360 videos? No? Click Here. These show potential tenants exactly what they can expect in terms of space and footfall. 

Marketing and Advertising Package

Now it's time to show you off! Our marketing package will drive relevant clicks to your space. The Fillit Content Team will create a package for your space that includes hyper-targeted Facebook advertisements, aimed at existing Fillit customers and lookalike audiences. If relevant, the Content Team will include your space newsletters and on pages across the website. All of this will be complemented by some additional care and love from our Customer Experience team.

Suggested Space

One of the most common requests we get through Fillit’s on-site LiveChat service is “Can you help me find a space?”. We always aim to suggest the most relevant spaces to potential tenants, but as a Preferred Space you’ll always have your space promoted in relevant suggestions.

Count me in! Claiming a spot

There are limited spaces each month, but to claim yours, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Say hi! 

We’d love to know a bit more about you and your business, and what your goals are with Fillit. Our Customer Experience team is standing by to welcome you to the Fillit Fam. 

Step 2 - Go all-in 

We have a couple of required steps to be considered "100% On-Board" - but we're happy to take you through the full process.

Step 3 - Arrange a call with the Fillit Marketing Team. 

Once you’ve fully listed, one of our team will reach out to you to see what your needs are, and when we can get our photographer/videographer to your space.

We only run a handful of Preferred Spaces from each month, so book now to reserve your spot!

Have questions?

You can chat with us live anytime (see the Chat Icon below).

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