Big Brands that Pushed the Boundaries of Pop Up Retail


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Wanna make some real noise this year? Consider investing in a pop up shop. These clever temporary retail spaces are an excellent way of amplifying your brand’s reach, and a great opportunity for your social channels, content wise. Take some inspiration from these brilliant examples of creative branded pop ups. 

McDonald’s - Fries with That

What it was

In May 2016, McDonald’s brought their one-of-a-kind pop up store to Sydney Australia. They called it ‘Fries with That’, with only McDonald’s infamous fries on the menu. Visitors could try a number of new combinations, such as classic gravy, sour cream, sweet chilli, caesar sauce and chipotle cheese.

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Why it worked

  • Free of charge

Each customers first box of fries are totally free of charge, further enticing people into the store. At the same time, this allowed McDonalds the opportunity to test their new products on the public.

  • Strategically placed

Fries with That was located on Glebe Point Road Site; a main road and easily accessible area. This strategic move guaranteed that a high number of people would be passing by the site, and created huge hype around the pop up. 

Adidas - Giant Shoebox Pop Up London

What it was

Created to publicize the launch of the new Stan Smith collection, Adidas made a huge statement when they created a pop up store in London designed to look like a giant shoe box. The exterior was complete from the sizing label, to the shoelaces peeking out of the lid. 

Why it worked

  • Eye Catching

Pop up shops usually tend to stand out, but Adidas took it to the next level. As one of the biggest brands in the world, they know that in order to be memorable, you have to be different. The shoe box is almost identical to that of their ‘Adidas Originals’ range, ensuring a truly attention-grabbing pop up store.

  • Interactive

It’s been proven that when shopping, stores which involve some sort interactive experience are much more likely to be remembered by consumers. The Adidas pop up store included an interactive floor, and an opportunity to customise your own pair of shoes, right down to the laces. 

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