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Happy New Year, folks!

We’re starting the new year strong here at Fillit, with a massive upgrade to the Fillit website, full of new features and shiny new bits. We’ve been working on this update for a couple of months now, and we’re buzzing to share it with you.

Included in the upgrade…

A ton of ‘Listing Page’ updates, including:

Floorplans, Shortcuts, Footfall & Payment sections and 360 Videos (Oooh!). We’ve added a fancy little flag on all listings that have the new 360 video feature. This is a great new way to get a better feel for a space, as sometimes, photos just don’t do your space justice. If you think that your space could benefit from 360 video, throw us an email at support@fillit.ie.

Searchable ‘Listing Groups’

This update is especially beneficial to shopping centres, who may have multiple spaces listed which are all located within the same building. Before, these spaces could be scattered all over the site, with no way of grouping them together. Users would have to search for each space individually, which becomes a tedious task. With this added feature, users can now search for a group of spaces, and view each of these related space all in the one place.

Notification upgrade

Landlords will now be directed to the ‘Bookings’ section rather than Messages when receiving a new Enquiry or Request, and will be directed to the ‘Messages’ section when there is a new message. Separating the bookings from the messages section may seem like a minor adjustment, but will make a big difference in the overall ease of accessing your notifications. Before this, all notifications came through the messages section, making actual important messages more difficult to see. Separating  the two will ensure less clutter in your ‘Messages’ section, and more clarity when you receive a new Enquiry or Request.

We’ve also redesigned the Messages Inbox with the ability to flag and colour code your inbox for even quicker searching and managing. How efficient!

And finally, our brand new, simplified Calendar

The cherry on the cake is definitely the completely redesigned and rebuilt Landlord calendar. Admittedly, our previous calendar was a bit gimmick in places. If you had a separate calendar to manage bookings outside of Fillit, this information would have to be entered into your Fillit calendar manually, which can be time consuming. Now, users can import information directly from their Google or Outlook Calendars (or any calendar, for that matter). Other new calendar features include the ability to create booking rules for your space, setting a minimum and maximum booking length, and being able to manage your bookings from the calendar. Each of these new features work to ensure that you will only receive bookings that are more suited to your space specifically, and to filter out the unfitting enquiries.

In addition to the larger changes, we have also done a lot of bug testing and smaller tweaks across the full site from start to finish. These little behind the scenes stuff will really help with a lot of pages to run faster and more efficiently, and we can safely say that Fillit is in its best shape ever!

And that’s that! We’re really excited about this massive update. All of these improvements have been created with feedback from you - the users. We’re always working to create the best User Experience possible for our users.

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