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Real fruit is always a fresh, tasty option...

Let them eat brunch

 Brunch parties/weddings are unique, memorable and work well on a tight budget. Menu options for this time of day can be fantastic without the hefty price tag of a four course meal- think Benedict, think Florentine, think omelet stations, think self-serving waffle bars! Your event will lose nothing from the tasty side and you'll have a lot of extra budget to keep those  free-flowing Mimosas going.

Canapés and cocktails

Inviting your guests for an evening of canapés and cocktails is a great cheeky way to get them to turn up already feed. Setting your  arrival time slight later will aid this too. Once they've arrived they'll be happy to start straight on the cocktails. 

One dish wonder menu

Casual and fun, this style of menu is becoming more and more popular. Once you have a variations suitable for veggies and vegans everyone is sure to be happy. As an extra final touch, serve the grub family style in big pot to share to encourage chats and to cut back on serving staff.

Ask the little guy

If you’ve decided against a traditional hall or hotel for your event, you will likely have the freedom to bring in a caterer of your choice. Try approaching the owner of a small local or a family-operated restaurant; they almost always will go the extra mile to make your event is something special and are usually really understanding of tighter budgets.

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