Amazing Pop-Up Spaces Hit the Dublin Market


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Brand managers, retailers, chefs and charities are all taking advantage of social media and the evolving retail landscape to activate their audiences and drive awareness.

And they're doing it with Pop-ups.

Pop-up restaurants, barbers and boutiques are all the rage in Dublin, and consistently make a splash among headlines, press and word-of-mouth. 

Fillit helps connect people with great Pop-up ideas with underused spaces around Ireland. The best spaces are either highly creative and targeted to drive a strong brand correlation, or simply have a high footfall of customers.

Two of these perfect Pop-up spaces are available right now

Henry Street is the home of North City shopping. This D1 hotspot attracts crowds shopping at Arnott's, Penneys, Illac Shopping Centre, Jervis Shopping Centre, and more. It already hosts to Pop-Ups, with hungry customers lined up to sample Magnum, Angier Danger, Scrumdiddly's or Tayto's Crisp Sandwhiches for Charity.

Fillit's Henry Street Space is perfect for a boutique launch or a big, multi-level soiree. 

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The Cool Crowd

South William Street has everything hip at the moment, and is no stranger to pop ups. Foodies patrol and shop this South Dublin quarter with expectations of a buzzing nightlife, delectable bites and great shopping. Recently, it's played host to pop ups from agencies, charities, cosmetics, and food brands.

There's currently a LYNX Pop-up in this South William space, hosting a boutique, salon and magic mirror (for you to try new cuts!), and the pop-up fits in naturally with the South William Street crowd.

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