Fillit’s Biggest Change Yet - No More Charges!


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Since launching Fillit 2.0, we’ve been focused on filtering feedback to get to the guts of your needs. Today, we take a big step to solving what has been a pain point for both prospective Tenants and Landlords alike.

Today, we simplify Fillit’s fees by completely removing them from the Tenant’s side.

This means exactly what it sounds like: Fillit Tenants will pay no fees for making bookings on Fillit. What you see is what you pay, and there are no last-second costs when making a booking of any size or value. For Tenants, Fillit is free!

We’re doing this to increase transparency, add simplicity and optimise some functionality with billing. But more importantly, we’re doing this so you can do more and worry less.

What was it like before?

Splitting the cost was complicated to explain, difficult to execute and led to headaches all around.

Before, our system was that a Tenant would pay 10% upon booking a space. After extensive research, it was clear that this was a bad system for everyone. Tenants were tempted to avoid the platform to negate the cost, which leads to Landlord headaches, as their bookings were disorganised and complicated - and sometimes bookings were cancelled due to the added complexity.

When we followed up with Tenants who had to sidestep Fillit to avoid fees, we were finding that their process leads to hours of additional negotiation, organisation and coordinating - all of which could have been avoided by using the platform. In some cases, circumventing Fillit was costing both Tenants and Landlords significantly more money!

What we've done, exactly

We’ve migrated some of these costs to the Landlord side, but adjusted Landlord prices so no revenue is lost by this change. This ads clarity for all parties, and Landlords get to take the same slice home.

One of our biggest goals with Fillit is to enable people in Ireland to use and fill the space around them. We’ve seen everything from parties and art galleries to creative promotion and advertising all made possible through Fillit, and we want to build a platform that continues to connect people and enables Ireland’s 'do-ers' and makers.

This is why your feedback is critical. If you have any thoughts or questions about these changes, don’t hesitate to reach out (you can chat with us anytime in the box on the right, or even give us a ring).

That's not all...

Due to massive popular demanded we have added some key buttons to aid tenants in their quests for the perfect space. The first button is 'Check Availability', although we can see the landlords calendar and availability their space may not always be available for every type of activation, so, we've added a quick availability check to allow the tenant find out if the space could be right for them. Secondly, we've added a 'Request Viewing' button, think you've found the dream space but need to view before you book? No worries, simply send the Landlord a viewing request to see the space commitment free before you book.

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