BIG CHANGES to Fillit: Introducing Fillit 2.0!


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We’re proud to announce BIG CHANGES to the Fillit Platform. Introducing: Fillit 2.0.
From the foundation up, we’ve rebuilt and optimised our booking and web platforms to enable both landlords and tenants to get more done, faster.

We started Beta-testing these features earlier this month with a small group of Fillit’s favourite users (maybe you noticed our new look), and the feedback has been fantastic.

From supercharged search to simplified messaging, this is our biggest first-step into making Fillit your go-to platform for booking and managing space in Ireland.

Faster Search, and a Faster Platform

Not everyone searches the same way, and we need our answers faster every day. So, we’ve rebuild our search to give you flexible and fast search. The details are boring, but if search was a utility-truck before, it’s closer to a sportscar now.

So give the tyres a kick and new search a shot. You can find venues and spaces by searching for the space name (courtesy of Google) or the general city or region. We’ve also got better filters, based on the feedback we’ve received this last year.

If you’re a landlord and you want to know how your space can best show in search, give us a shout (in the chatbox or on social). We’re happy to provide best-practices to help your space stand out for the right customers.

New Tools for Landlords

Every business is different, and every space is different. From teams to booking tools, Fillit is now flexible to make our platform fit your business.

With our new Teams & Roles, business owners can delegate messages, responsibilities and privileges to employees. Is your front-of-house host the best equipped to manage most of your bookings? Do you prefer enquiries to go through your club’s promoters and bookers? Fillit lets you build and organise your team.

Speaking of organisation, we know you’ve got your system. From Google tools to pen & paper, you can now import, export or print calendars and bookings to fit snugly in your books or machines.

Coming Soon: Easier Booking Process

People need tend to space on specific days, which is why we’ve simplified the initial enquiry and message sent to landlords: “Is this space available on the date?”

This is a big change for both Landlords and Tenants, so we’ll be rolling out this change in the weeks ahead.

Our goal is simple: Eliminate the need to write time-consuming pitches before you know if a space if even available. And speaking of pitches - give our new pitch form a shot!

It’s simple and dynamic, just a couple clicks for some! We’ve still saved some of your favourite features, including “Saved Pitches” and being able to pitch multiple spaces at once.

Landlords, want to receive relevant pitches for days your most free? Check out some of our new options for keeping your calendar up-to-date.


We're thankful to work with a patient and passionate community, and we've been taking a critical look under the hood to address the feedback you've given.

We've got bigger changes and plans in the works, so keep an eye out for big changes in the months ahead.

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