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We are always hearing about great places to grab a few pints or cocktails, but what about a good ol' cup of Coffee? These days you can't go more than two or three strides down the street without passing a string of cafe's and coffee shops. More often than not it's the mega chains like Costa, Starbucks, Insomnia, Nero etc. Don't get us wrong, these are all great, but what about the independent businesses? The hidden gems if you will!  These places are often lost among the commercial 'big brand' hype, which is why we've decided to put them back in the spotlight. Here's a list of the best places to go, not just for a great cup of coffee, but for an amazing atmosphere and experience too! Take a look at our picks below:

Stone Leaf Cafe

The Stone Leaf is a beautiful modern cafe, bar and restaurant with multi-level space/ From a casual bar and eatery to a fabulous indoor terrace, elegant function room and private dining area there is a space for everything, be it eating, drinking or partying! The Stone Leaf is the place to get together and create memories with friends and family. The space is also available for short term pop ups!

Wigwam Cafe

Wigwam is a quirky cafe located on Abbey Street. It forms part of the popular Bodytonic Rum Bar, which was once home to Dublin’s beloved Twisted Pepper. The space is pretty much a ‘drinks cafe bar’, but unlike anywhere else in Dublin, it has a pretty unique twist! The cafe also contains an equipment shop for home-brewers and coffee fans, and a ‘costume kiosk,’ which provides outfits for club nights!  Mainly though, this is a cool space to grab brunch and a good cup o’ coffee.

The Ink Factory

How about a cafe that doubles up as a tattoo parlour and barbers?! The Ink Factory was formed in response to ‘every soulless barbers, every gruff tattoo studio and every bland coffee shop’. The idea was to create a social space fueled by energy, passion and creativity. There’s a passionate and dedicated team of talented Tattooists, Piercers Barbers and Barista’s on hand to cater for all your needs!.Pretty cool concept if you ask us!

Blas Cafe

Located in the hub of The Chocolate Factory’s creative community, Blas Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a coffee if you’re looking for some creative inspiration. The cafe opened in 2014 and has been serving scrumptious seasonal food since then!

Urbun Cafe

Urbun Cafe is known for its funky atmosphere along with the fragrant smells of home baking and rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee. Open every day until 5pm, the cafe offers a breakfast and lunch service, as well as yummy baked goods. The space features large trestle tables along with bench booths and wood seating which adds to the utilitarian decor. The cafe’s open space layout and simple design mean it’s also a great option for nighttime events.

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