A Guide to Serving Drinks at your Next Event


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Let’s be honest, drinks are an integral part of any event, and they shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s nothing like a glass of wine or a cold refreshing beer to get people really socialising. After all, there’s a reason why alcohol is referred to as a social lubricant!  Getting it right is essential, which is why we’ve compiled a handy step-by-step guide to serving drinks at your next event.

What to Serve

Ultimately this comes down to the type of celebration, the number of guests and your budget. Keep in mind the type of guests attending. Are they most likely to drink wine, spirits or beer? The right drinks can really personalize your event.  Think about it, you wouldn’t serve champagne at a casual BBQ style garden party, on the contrary beer and cider are much more appropriate for this type of event.  Save the wine and champagne for galas and banquets.

How Much is Enough?

The amount of alcohol you serve is, believe it or not, paramount to the success of your event.  You don’t want to serve too little and have your guests running dry! You also don’t want to serve too much, otherwise you’ll find yourself with an out of control, more-than-merry bunch! If you’re holding your event at a hotel or resort, experienced staff can best advise you. If you are organising everything yourself, count on 1-2 drinks per hour, depending on the length of the event. Most people tend to drink less at afternoon functions than they do during evening events. Keep this in mind

Provide Non-Alcoholic options

Okay we know this is pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many forget this all important detail! The fact is not everyone drinks alcohol, and even those that do will want to pace themselves. Make sure you have a varied selection of non-alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. You can still serve something special and original though. It doesn’t have to be the usual run of the mill stuff, try some of these recipes for non-alcoholic drinks for inspiration.


Drink Stations

Drink stations are a great way to avoid congestion and keep guests mixing. You can have different stations, one can be filled with ice, soft drinks, and sparkling water. Another can be a cocktail or punch station. Wine and champagne can be left in ice buckets on tables around the event. If you’re worried about people consuming too much, tell your servers not to automatically re-fill everyone’s glass after the first glass or two, instead instruct them to this upon the guests request.

Selecting Glassware

For most events you will most likely use 3 types of glasses: Champagne flute, wine glass, all purpose highball glass for mixed drinks. If you’re serving cocktails you might need a selection of more elaborate cocktail glasses, i.e martini glasses. This can really make a difference to the presentation, taste and serving size of the drink, so keep this in mind.

Consider Sponsorship

Many brands are willing to pitch in and provide drinks for an event, as it gives them wider exposure. Consider partnering with a supplier if you can.

We hope we’ve provided you with some handy tips and helpful tips! At the end of the day it comes down to proper research and planning, as well as a bit of common sense of course!

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