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These days lots of small businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by temporary retail spaces. Instead of taking out a lengthy and extortionate lease, entrepreneurs are experimenting and testing the waters of their product or service by renting out spaces for a short period of time. In recent months, Dublin has seen many brands reclaim their DIY spirit by transforming the City’s underused spaces for enticing new projects. For instance, last October Fulfill nutrition bars set up shop in The South William Street side room for a few days. The brand converted the space from top to toe to suit their needs, providing an eye catching spot for consumers to enjoy their product. Just last week Heinz opened a pop up on Wicklow Street to celebrate their 50th anniversary. However, it’s not just big brands like Heinz that are availing of these opportunities. Fillit has a variety of spaces which are ideal for small businesses and those just starting out! Check them out below and see how you can follow suit:

The Design House

Located on Dawson Street, The Design House is a fabulous retail space perfect for artists and designers who may be looking to showcase their work in a boutique hub in the heart of the city.  The space has two floors of retail and one floor full of fashion work rooms. It also comes fully equipped with industrial and domestic sewing and drafting rooms, along with a top floor of shared studio and office space. All of this makes it the perfect spot for first-time business owners who are only looking to set up shop for a short while.

Make up Studio

This quirky make up studio is perfect for Professional Makeup Artists and Hairdressers who are looking for space to do their appointments. It would suit those just starting out, or those who want to do more work on the side, but don’t have the space in their own homes.

Indigo Cloth Cafe Store

Indigo & Cloth is a store that combines a thoughtful selection of local and international products. It’s perfect for small businesses, as it offers plenty of quirky shelf space. This is great because it allows entrepreneurs to test their product in the market before making a full-time commitment. The shop is keen to work with brands and business who are true to their personality and who reflect their unique qualities and values.

The Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory is a creative community which is currently home to a number of small businesses including Herbal Crest, Darklands Audio, Blas Cafe to name but a few. The building also contains a large industrialised open space which can cater for a manner of different events and pop ups including dance/theatre performance groups, launch events, music video shoots, vintage clothing stalls, photoshoots, food events and much more.

The Library Project

The Library Project is a funky retail space located in the centre of Temple Bar. The space offers a specialised Art bookshop, a very active gallery and a pretty amazing photobook library! The Library Project is used successfully by companies, small businesses and individuals a like. For example, in the past, it’s been used by Peroni and Teeling Whiskey for product launches, as well as Trinity college and OFFSET for presentations and keynote speakers.   

The space is split into three areas, the main gallery space, the back gallery on the ground floor, and the mezzanine library upstairs. The main gallery benefits from a large window, making it ideal for display needs. The back gallery is a cosier space which can be used for display artworks or presentation panels.The Mezzanine Gallery upstairs is a quiet and private area, it’s only available for certain uses, however, it has been used in creative ways, playing home to a secluded restaurant in the past.

The South William Side Room

Perhaps one of the most sought after spaces in Dublin at the moment, The South William side room is regularly used by brands and small businesses alike. In the past, it’s been transformed to an all pink pop up by Benefit, a “Ditch & Switch” shop by 48 as well as playing host to a pop-up barber shop as part of the annual Movember campaign. There are no limits to what you can do with the South William!

Nordic Makers

Nordic Makers are a space that exhibits and retails the very best new furniture and design from Nordic countries. They promote, showcase and retail the furniture and designs both home and abroad. The unique store offers a beautiful space which is open to collaborations such as shop share, events, or gallery space. However, it’s worth noting that the space only operates within the furniture, textiles, ceramics, glass, lighting print and design industries.

You can browse all of these spaces and more on Fillit!

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