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Today is March 20th, which may seem pretty insignificant, but it’s actually International Day of Happiness! We know the first Monday after a long weekend can be hard, so that’s why we’ve decided to take a look at some favourite Fillit spaces that make our smiles extra wide!

1.The Chocolate Factory on Kings Inn Street

The Chocolate Factory on Kings Inn Street is sure to put a smile on your face for whatever your needs! The space is very versatile with a large open plan, allowing it to cater for a variety of events.

For more intimate parties and events, The Blas Cafe is a chilled out spot perfect for a warm cuppa and a tasty bite to eat.

For more large scale events, The Aerial Room of the warehouse has a more cool and contemporary vibe. The spot has proved popular for photoshoots, exhibitions and launch events and can be completely transformed to meet your needs. Now if that ain’t something to smile about! :)

2. Shankill Castle and Gardens Kilkenny

One of our more breathtaking Fillit spaces, Shankill Castle is a stunning country house in County Kilkenny. This amazing venue can be instantly transformed to meet your vision, as it's suitable for public and private events of all shapes and sizes.

It can host a manner of different events, from hen and stag parties, exhibitions and corporate retreats, to birthdays, festivals and even weddings! The castle features beautiful facilities from The Drawing room to the walled gardens, woodlands and barns, all of which are available at your fingertips.

3. D-Light Studios - Studio A North Great Clarence Street, Dublin.

D-Light Studios is a bright and airy warehouse and multi-media space located in an old woollen mill in the heart of Dublin City. This space is mainly used as a film and photography location, making it perfect for many artistic shoots. However, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you’re limited. On the contrary, the studio encourages a wide range of different activities including art exhibitions, theatre shows and music and dance performances. You can also use the space for product launches, dining events and even Yoga classes (or whatever other exercise takes your fancy!). Brimming with character, you’ll find D-Light Studios is truly limitless!

4. All Out Design - Dublin

All Out Design is a creative playground home to Dublin Graffiti. Their spaces are unique and quirky and available to book for artistic photoshoots, corporate meetings, hot desking and more. The space also has an upper mezzanine area that can be used for a chill out area or a second meeting space.

5. The Stables, Ballymahon

This converted stables in Ballymahon stretch across 10 acres and is simply stunning. The stylish interior of the property is further enhanced by the peaceful surrounding greenery. The space is perfect for special retreats, weekends away, yoga or cooking classes. It’s also available for larger functions like weddings or festivals.

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