Patch Notes - 13/10 (SMS, Cart, Movember, and More)


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Our new SMS notifications, designed from your feedback

A quick update on the most recent changes to Fillit. To learn more about these changes, and how your feedback made a difference, check out our Dev Update.

Try Before You Buy

We made policy and experience adjustments to encourage site visits before bookings and billings are locked in. In summary, you won’t be billed until after the cancellation period, and we encourage landlords and renters to meet before locking in a booking. The initial booking is, technically, reserving a date on a landlord’s calendar.

SMS & Notifications

Landlords can now opt-in to receive SMS notifications when a Renter sends you a Pitch. Additionally, many customers registered personal emails during registration, which meant that Landlords were missing pitches when their spaces were queried. You can change your notification settings and default email in your “Profile” section.

Multiple Spaces, One Pitch

Fillit saves time when you’re pitching or inquiring about multiple spaces, and we’ve tweaked some features and the user experience to help you pitch to more spaces with less effort. We’ve added a “Cart” to add multiple spaces before proceeding with a single Pitch (or check out), and made the “Import Saved Pitch” feature easier to find.


Fillit is the official partner of Movember Ireland! We’re happy to team up with this great cause to raise funds and spotlight more attention to men’s health issues. To accomplish this, Fillit will offer Landlords the functionality to discount their spaces for charity events and feature spaces willing to do so our Movember microsite.

Throughout the month of November, people will be coming to Fillit looking for spaces to hold fundraising events. By opting in, you’ll be telling potential renters that, if the event suits your space, you’d be willing to offer a discounted rate for fundraisers. To learn more about the benefits of opting in, click here.

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