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We’re taking some time to explain how and why our platform is changing due to community feedback. No time? For a succinct update on what we’ve changed, check out our the Patch Notes.

Hey there!

We’ve been making changes, and many of you’ve taken notice. We have big plans for little Fillit, and many of these changes are the first steps on a long road to building the perfect platform. Many of you made a huge impact on our design and direction, so we want to take a moment to go over new features and systems we’ve built from your feedback.

Try Before You Buy

You won’t be billed until after the cancellation period, and we encourage landlords and renters to meet before locking in a booking. Initial booking is, technically, reserving a date on a landlord’s calendar.

It was clear that people were reluctant to rent or commit to booking without seeing the space first, and Landlords were hesitant to accept bookings without meeting in-person and getting more details.

We want landlords and renters to meet and talk, but we needed to ensure that our experience facilitates and encourages this. As a result of your feedback, we’ve made changes to the booking process and user experience to add some peace of mind.

Now, rather than committing to booking straight away, renters are simply making an enquiry and tentatively reserving a date at that location. There will be no charge until after the cancellation period passes, which gives both renters and landlords time to meet, discuss plans and get some reassurance. If everything measures up, you’re ready to go. If not, simply cancel your reservation on the site.

SMS & Notifications

You can now opt-in to receive SMS notifications when a Renter sends you a Pitch. Additionally, many customers registered personal emails during registration, which meant that Landlords were missing pitches when their spaces were queried. 

We designed Fillit with the understanding that, statistically, many small business owners primarily communicate and operate their business through email. Through conversations with Landlords, we’ve found that email tends to fall last on the priorities when working. To address this, we’re prototyping other notifications that better allows Fillit to provide bespoke solutions for your needs.

We want to provide a fast, convenient way to kick off conversations between Landlords and potential Renters. When a Renter has a question or sends a pitches, they should be able to reach Landlords and get answers quickly.

SMS Notifications

Introducing SMS notifications from Fillit! When a pitch or message is sent to a Landlord, they will receive a friendly reminder and link in which to log in to view or reply to the pitch.

To opt in to this feature, go to your Profile, update your mobile number and check the box “Send me an SMS when my booking is confirmed by a tenant”.

Correct Email

While it’s simple to sign up with Facebook, most don’t use their Facebook email for work (or at all). If you’re a Landlord and you (or someone on your team) signed up to Fillit using a personal email, you may be missing out on important notifications.

We’ve now added a spot on your profile (and during sign-up) for you to change or specify where notification emails are sent.


This is a short term solution, an MVP to test functionality. As we move forward, we’ll be collecting feedback and validating the concept while designing the next iteration of notifications. Our next iteration could involve third party services or even a dedicated app, but your feedback will be the defining factor which defines our roadmap.

Multiple Spaces, One Pitch

Fillit saves time when you’re pitching or enquiring about multiple spaces, and we’ve tweaked some features and the user experience to help you pitch to more spaces with less effort.
One of the key advantages of using Fillit is the ability to find many spaces and pitch to them all at once. However, this was never made clear - and we were finding that Renters were experiencing frustration when resubmitting the same pitch to multiple venues. Booking spaces on Fillit saves time - and we should have made this obvious from the start.

To add clarity, we tweaked the user experience by adding a “cart” in which spaces are saved before proceeding with the pitch process, then you can pitch to your saved spaces all at once.

Additionally, we’ve adjusted visibility and clarity for some under-used features. Find yourself needing a regular space for your hot-desk/shop-share and tired of rewriting pitches each month? We’ve made the “import pitch” button more prominent, which will allow frequent renters to save and reuse pitches whenever they want.

The Future!

We know the experience isn’t perfect, and we won’t stop improving until it is. We’re constantly focused on measuring and improving this process, but the most valuable information comes from your experience.

Looking ahead, we want to build and do big things focused on you. Stay tuned in the months ahead for information on how we’ll be improving our community support, including events and initiatives to create more conversations between business owners and renters alike. We’re also actively looking for opportunities to better integrate Fillit into your existing work processes and tools, which means we want to hear from you. And, as always, we want to show off your great spaces - so give us a shout or send us some snaps whenever you’re doing great things that need to be seen.


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